SaaS product for Fleet Management Businesses

Fleetomotive is a 100% cloud based solution. It provides both small and large companies in the fleet management business a cost-efficient technology solution, helping business owners increase productivity, efficiency and their overall reach to their direct customers.

The driving force

FLEETOMOTIVE is operated by Apical IT Solutions Ltd. ("Apical").
Apical is a software technology company headquartered in London, United Kingdom (UK) with a presence in India. Apical was founded in 2005 with the primary goal of providing out-of-the-box solutions and products. Apical’s domain proficiency combined with its expertise in web strategy, design and NextGen technologies assists clients to always be working with the latest and apt technical solutions which help in creating highly scalable business solutions with a guaranteed positive user experience.

Create. Deliver. Support.

Across our offices, our teams work in complete coordination with only one objective: To ensure that .we are constantly adding value to our customers through our products & services. Our support teams are experienced and always eager to assist prospects and customers.